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Polyurethane overtakes old fashion Rubber

Red Shore Polyurethane Tyre

The developments in the manufacturing of Polyurethane has made the price difference between PU and rubber negligible. Previously the market accepted that rubber was an inferior tyre material, therefore it was significantly cheaper than PU. Now we are able to offer a hard wearing, injection moulded PU tyre, with Nylon centre, for the same price as the traditional crumb rubber tyre and plastic centre.  This is causing a shift in the market, towards PU.

The benefits of over Rubber

  • Polyurethane tyres is a harder wearing option
  • Higher carrying capacities
  • Used in environments with certain chemicals
  • Non-marking
  • No lumping or splitting
  • Bespoke colours available
  • Lower rolling resistance
  • Lower start up co-efficient
  • Can be used with stainless steel housings and applications

We have a full range of PU wheels, ex-stock. Alternatively there is the rubber tyre option. Revolution would encourage customers to try PU initially.

For more details on our polyurethane range, click here

 Polyurethane Tyre

 Greynylon Redpoly Doublepedal Swivel Spring  

 Rubber Tyre


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Has Brexit affected your bottom line? Have you been made subject to a price increase? Looking for a new Wheel & Castor Supplier?

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Revolution Castors’ very own Joke Blog!!

Providing a quality service, love presenting competitive quotes and love to guarantee nothing but quality in all of our products; we also love to smile and have a laugh along the way. We believe laughter is an important ingredient in life and is something we share with all of our customers and suppliers. 

So………….we wanted to have a little fun and share 10 of the best jokes we’ve come across in the Wheel & Castor industry. 
Minions      Here are some Wheely funny jokes to lighten up your week........


Something to 'Bearing' Mind.


A bearing is a machine element that keeps a Wheel spinning in the desired motion and also reduces friction between moving parts.


The first modern recorded patent on ball bearings was awarded to Philip Vaughan, an inventor + iron master who created the first design for Bering in 1794!


Revolution Castors Saves the Day………………Use Revolution as your Solution!

Nl1Here at Revolution we pride ourselves on being not just the best Wheel & Castor Supplier in the UK market but the best Castor Consultants in the business . This means we take the time to go out to each existing customer or new enquiry customer and fully find out what problems they are facing including things like; what material wheels they are currently using? What floors are they using these castors on? What weight capacities are needed? How frequent applications are being used? And so on……………

With this in mind we like to think we have saved the day for many of our now account customers and this gives our customers the confidence to know that their production, supply, quality and maintenance of Wheels & Castors are in the right hands.





Do Brackets Really Matter….????

The ‘Brackets’ are Off!! The tale of the tape on ‘Castor Brackets’ from the Lightweights to the Heavyweights!

Jargon Buster - Brackets

Do Brackets Really Matter?? Here at Revolution Castors we think Brackets are a little overlooked and don’t get the respect they deserve as the focus on a castor is usually directed to the wheel type. Well we think Brackets are similar to Boxers….they need to be STRONG, DURABLE, have good SWIVEL ACTION, EXCELLENT MANOEUVRABILITY and be able to take a PUNCH or a WEIGHT in this case scenario.